Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Pirate Costumes For Kids

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by makelessnoise
Pirate costumes can be very quick to put together from items you already own, or cheap thrift store finds.  Because of this, they make great last minute costumes for little ones. 

Yes, I'm already thinking ahead to Halloween.  My kids are big into Jake and the Neverland Pirates this year, because they just found the series on Netflix.  Now my three-year-old wants to dress like a pirate.  Arrr!

For a DIY pirate costume, your basic needs are: 

  1. oversized white shirt or striped t-shirt
  2. black pants
  3. bandana or pirate hat
  4. long red scarf for a sash
If you want to get more elaborate, you can add an eyepatch, black vest, a costume dress coat, and a pair of black boots.  Optional accessories you might look for include a hook, swashbuckling sword, and a stuffed parrot.

But, say you're not putting this together last minute, and you want to make a unique pirate costume for your child.  Well, you're in luck.  Deborah, of the In The Little Stone Cape blog, made her son an adorable pirate costume last year, and she's sharing her patterns with the world.  Check out this gorgeous toddler-sized boot cover pattern, cute suede vest, stripey pirate pants, and a quick and easy one piece pirate shirt.  

All you need are a few accessories to finish it off, like this eyepatch or this felt tricorn hat.  Of course Neverland Pirate fans need Jake's Magical Sword, a toy that will get used out of their dress up box all year, for certain. Or, if you'd like to pick up a hat, hook, sword, spyglass, and other great accessories all in one pack, check out Amazon's  Small World Toys All Decked Out Pirate Set.

Alternatively, you can top it off quite simply, with this:

For the child that wants to dress like the Neverland Pirates, we need a few more specific items.  Here's a look at the retail versions of Jake and Izzy's costumes:

For Izzy, you need:
  • Pink T-Shirt or Blouse
  • Purple pants or leggings
  • Pink Bandana
  • Pouch Necklace for Pixie Dust
In the show, she wears red boots.  The toddler-sized boot covers from In The Little Stone Cape (link) would be adorable in red.  On the other hand, the model in the retail costume is wearing pink shoes, and I doubt most people would even notice the difference.

Jake is more complex, with that gold and yellow vest, black crossed laces at his neckline, red strip bandana, and the brown and yellow boot covers.  Here's a free pattern for a Jake of the Neverland Pirates costume for a toddler.

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